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What is a Sports Car?

A sports car can generally be defined as a small, often two seater, two door car which has been designed and built for performance, good handling and manoeuvrability. Sport cars are usually designed to be luxurious, sleek and stylish. Some designs have 2 seats in the back but many are for occasional use only or for small children.

The History of Sports Cars

The history of the sports car began at the beginning of the 1900s with the production of touring cars. The Vauxhall 20 hp and the Austro-Daimler could be considered as the first ever sports cars produced. By 1925, the demand for four seater vehicles was considerably higher than 2 seaters, therefore, many car manufacturers concentrated on the demands of the majority of their customer base leaving the design and production of the sports car to manufacturers such as Aston-Martin, Alvis and Frazer Nash - although spending was tight, Aston-Martin produced 250 cars and Frazer-Nash 323 by 1939. Vehicles including the Nazzaro, Mercedes-Benz SS and SSK, and Alfa Romeo were also produced.

The first reliable sports cars were the Seven and the Midget. The Austin Motor Car Company introduced the Seven in 1922, it was given the nickname Baby Austin. This sports car was really popular in both Great Britain and overseas. It made a huge impact on the car industry at the time, particularly in Britain. Morris Garages, more commonly recognized by the abbreviated name MG, introduced the two seater sports car called the Midget in 1961.

Sports Cars Design and Layout

The design of the sports car is very important as it greatly influences the over handling ability. Many sports cars are designed with (FR) front engine, rear wheel drive layout or (FMR) Front mid-engine rear wheel drive layout. The layout is incredibly important, FMR helps with weight distribution which improves handling, cars built with this design can usually be identified by their long hoods and front wheels pushed towards the front corners of the car. There are other design layouts that are used, for example RMR which is sometimes used by Lamborghini and Ferrari. RMR means Mid-engine, rear wheel drive layout - this type of engine drives the rear wheels which is placed just in front of them.

Types of Sports Cars:

Coupes - the coupe is particularly sporty, having closed car bodies, many being hard topped sports cars and sedan / saloon designs.

Grand Tourers - the Grand Tourer GT is designed to provide both luxury and performance. This sporty car is built for long distance driving - many are coupe style, two seater cars.

Hot Hatchback - also named Hot Hatch is a standard car, many being family cars, which has been developed to be sporty with enhanced features such as improved suspension, bigger wheels and an  engine with more power.

Muscle Car - many sport cars fall under this category as Muscle cars are high performance vehicles - often 2 door sports coupes designed for outstanding performance - usually designed for road or street use at a reasonable and affordable price.

Component Car / Kit Car - this is a car that is available as a set of parts which are sold by a car manufacturer for the buyer to use to assembly a car themselves. Often the engine or other major components will come from other vehicles. Kit cars are often very sporty and cool!

Sport Compact - this particular type of car is a developed compact or subcompact car which have been improved to provide high performance and improved handling.

Roadster - most roasters are soft tops, or some have retractable hard tops. Either way, the roadster has a very sporty appeal as they do not have fixed roofs.

Sport Luxury - this term may refer to luxury sports cars such as sedan or saloons which are designed to look sporty and feel luxurious and comfortable. Sport Luxury may include different body styles including crossovers, convertibles, coupe or executive car.

Supercar - there are many sports cars that can be defined as supercars. The term supercar refers to high end cars which are very fast, powerful, expensive, sleek, attractive and stylish. Super cars which are further more outstanding are sometimes described as Hypercars.

List of Sports Cars

Top Gear test a range of cars including some very expensive, sleek, fast, stylish, high performance, cool , trendy, exotic - fast sports cars, at a track in Surrey, England which was designed by Lotus cars. Some of their top performing cars are as follows and in order of fastest speeds:

Ariel Atom V8 500 - a high performance sports car made by Ariel Motor Company
McLaren MP4-12C -  a two seat coupe style sports car designed by McLaren
Lamborghini Aventador - two seater sports car by Lamborghini
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - voted car of the decade 2000-2009 by Top Gear - fastest street legal road car
Gumpert Apollo S - sports car designed by German car manufacturer Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH
Ascari A10 - coupe style sports car developed by British car manufacturer Ascari Cars
Koenigsegg CCX - made by Swedish automobile company Koenigsegg, this is a mid-engined roadster
Noble M600 - stainless steel & carbon fibre handbuilt British supercar produced by Noble Automotive
Nissan GT-R - a Nissan produced sports car also known by the name Godzilla
Pagani Zonda Roadster F Clubsport Version - sports car produced by Italian car manufacturer Pagani
Caterham Seven Superlight R500 - super lightweight sports car also named Caterham 7 (based on Lotus Seven)
Maserati MC12 - two seater sports racing car designed by Italian car manufacturer Maserati
Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce - two seater sports car produced by Italian car maker Lamborghini

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Sports Cars and Autos

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Caterham Seven Superlight R500Maserati MC12Lamborghini Murcielago LP6700-4 SuperVeloce


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