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Rolls-Royce Cars and Autos

The Rolls-Royce motor car company
This section provides access to the cars and autos manufactured under the name of the Rolls-Royce motor car company. An online guide for auto enthusiasts covering old and new cars and autos. If you like car talk then you will love this website! A free, online resource with facts and company information about the cars and autos made by the Rolls-Royce motor car company.

Founding of the Rolls-Royce motor car company
In which year was the company founded? The Rolls-Royce motor car company was founded in 1906.
Who founded the company? The Rolls-Royce motor car company was founded by Henry Royce & Charles Rolls.
What was the original location of the company? The company started in Manchester, England.

History of Rolls-Royce motor car company
History of Rolls-Royce motor car company began when it was founded in 1906 by Henry Royce & Charles Rolls in Manchester, England. Details of the founders are as follows:
Lifespan of Founders: Charles Rolls 1877-1910 - Frederick Henry Royce 1863-1933
Date of Birth: Charles Rolls 27th August 1877 - Frederick Henry Royce 27th March 1863.
Date of Death and cause: Charles Rolls 12th July 1910 killed in an air crash. - Frederick Henry Royce 22nd April 1933.

Facts and Information about Henry Royce & Charles Rolls.
Henry Royce was born in Alwalton, Huntingdonshire in 1863 the youngest of five children. His family ran a flour mill but the business failed, when his father died he had little schooling and started an apprenticeship with the Great Northern Railway company, he later joined the Electric Light and Power Company in 1884 with a friend started making domestic electric fittings. He bought his first car a De Dion which did not meet to his high standards and decided to manufacture his own he made three, one was sold to Henry Edmunds a friend of Charles Rolls (who ran a car showroom), a meeting was arranged between Rolls and Royce and Charles Rolls agreed to take all the cars Henry Royce could make provide, they joined forces to become Rolls-Royce Ltd. Henry Royce died on the 22nd April 1933 at his home in West Wittering, West Sussex. A memorial window is dedicated to his memory in Westminster Abbey in London.

Charles Rolls was born in London in 1877 and was educated at Eton and Trinity College. Charles Rolls was also a keen aviator and helped to found the Aero Club and became a keen balloonist. Charles Rolls was killed when his Wright biplane broke up in mid-air in Bournemouth in 1910.

History Timeline of Subaru Cars

The following company information and history timeline details the dates of major events which influenced the growth of the business.

1904: In 1904 Henry Royce built his first motor car a Royce and in the same year met Charles Rolls who sold quality cars in London.

1906: In 1906 Henry Royce & Charles Rolls joined forces to become Rolls-Royce Ltd. In November At the London Olympia show a Rolls-Royce 40/50 hp was presented on their stand in chassis-form later to become the Silver Ghost,.

1907: In 1907 the Silver Ghost was launched and was described as the best car in the world.

1908: In 1908 the company moved to Derby.

1910: In 1910 Charles Rolls died in an air crash.

1914–1918 WW1.

1922: In 1922 the Twenty was build a small car built by Rolls-Royce to cater for the increasingly important owner-driver market.

1925: In 1925 the replacement for the Silver Ghost was the “Phantom” and a worthy successor to the universally acclaimed Silver Ghost. 3512 Phantom’s were produced .

1929: In 1929 was the year of the Wall Street crash, which started the Great Depression, and the car business was badly affected.

1930 - 1939: As the economy recovered from the stock market crash Motor Car companies thrived and less wealthy people began to purchase motor vehicles In 1931 Rolls-Royce acquired rival car maker Bentley whose finances were unable to weather the Great Depression. Henry Royce died in April 1933

1939 - 1945: WW11. Production and design of motor cars basically ceased as all manufacturing resources became involved with the war effort and Rolls Royce concentrated on the production of aircraft engines.

1946: In 1946 the Silver Wraith was the company’s first post war model.

1950: In 1950 the Phantom IV was built, one of the rarest and was very exclusive, built for Royalty and Heads of State the first Phantom IV was owned by Princess Elizabeth and became the official state car upon her accession to the throne in 1952.

1965: In 1965 the Silver shadow was produced.

1973: In 1973 the car division was separated from Rolls-Royce Limited and become Rolls-Royce Motors.

1977: In 1977 for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee presented her with a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI.

1979: In 1979 demand for cars was falling due to high interest rates and the company was going into bankruptcy.

1980: In 1980 Vickers acquired Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (Vickers a well-known British engineering firm).

1998: In 1998 Vickers decided to sell Rolls-Royce Motors to Volkswagen who beat BMW’s offer, the aero-engine maker Rolls-Royce plc, decided it would license certain trademarks and sold the Rolls-Royce name and logo to BMW. VW bought the rights to the “Spirit of Ecstasy” the mascot on the car bonnet and the shape of the radiator grille, but did not have the rights to build cars under the Rolls-Royce name, though VW claimed it was only interested in the Bentley. VW & BMW came to a solution until 2002 BMW would continue to supply engines for the cars and would allow use of the names, but would stop on 1st January 2003.

2003: In 2003 only BMW would be able to name cars "Rolls-Royce", with VW keeping Bentley.

Films that Rolls Royce cars have appeared in.
Rolls Royce Silver Ghost - Giant (1956), Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (1965), Young Frankenstein (1974),
Rolls Royce Phantom 1 - The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery (1966), The Great Gatsby (1974), Gosford Park (2001)
Rolls Royce Phantom II - Octopussy (1983)

What models and types of cars and automobiles does the Rolls-Royce motor car company produce?
The models and types of cars and automobiles produced by the company include those detailed on the following list. Whether you enjoy comparing cars and autos, want to conduct some research before you buy a new car or a used car or finally an automobile enthusiast who loves fast, cool, new, old, vintage, classic, antique, sports, top, muscle or exotic cars we have the info you are searching for! Select the automobile you are interested in and click the link for access to an online overview of this Rolls-Royce vehicle with car guides, online facts, information, statistics, specs, specifications, design details and ratings of cars and autos.

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Rolls-Royce Cars and Autos

Cars and Autos Index

1904-1906 Rolls Royce 10 hp
1905-1905 Rolls Royce 15 hp
1905-1908 Rolls Royce 20 hp
1905-1906 Rolls Royce 30 hp
1905-1906 Rolls Royce V-8
1906-1925 40/50 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
1922-1929 Rolls Royce Twenty
1925-1929 Rolls Royce 40/50 Phantom
1929-1936 Rolls Royce 20/25
1929-1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II
1936-1938 Rolls Royce 25/30
1936-1939 Rolls Royce Phantom III
1939-1939 Rolls Royce Wraith
1946-1959 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
1949-1955 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn
1950-1956 Rolls Royce Phantom IV
1955-1965 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
1959-1968 Rolls Royce Phantom V
1968-1992 Rolls Royce Phantom VI
1965-1980 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow


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Why people love cars and autos!
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Rolls-Royce Cars and Autos

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