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Old Cars and Autos

The Old Cars and Autos
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Definition of Old Cars and Autos
The term 'old cars' really is a vast subject which could cover a huge mass of vehicles. However, there are certain terms given to cars that were built during specific time frames. Old cars can be separated into four groups, which are, along with their definitions as follows:

Veteran Era: the Veteran Era can be defined as the time from when the first automobile was designed and built, up until vehicles produced in the year of 1890.

Brass Era: the Brass Era can be defined as vehicles produced between the years of 1890 to 1918. This period was considered as the Horseless Carriage era - gas, electric and steam motor vehicles.

Antique Era: the Antique Era can be defined as vehicles produced before the First World War, or some believe the period ended in 1920.

Vintage Era: The Vintage period began in 1919 and ended somewhere between 1925 and 1939! In the United States of America, some maintain 1925 marked the end of the Vintage period as the classic car era began taking over. In the United Kingdom, they believe that 1930 was the end of the Vintage era. There are some sources who suggest that the beginning of WWII was in fact the end of the Vintage Car and Auto period.

The History of Old Cars and Autos
The era of old cars was vital in the history of the automobile industry. During this time, the motorcar was invented, created, developed and improved! In fact, cars were significantly improved during the Vintage era to make driving a more comfortable experience, and to provide practicality and convenience. Roads were developed which gave the automobile industry incredible opportunities when it came to developing transport across the world. It came to light during the early years that man required a reliable vehicle to transport both passengers and goods, but to do this they would require a good road surface! During the earliest times following the time when the motorcar was first invented, vehicles were designed to travel across rough terrain. The World's first mile of concrete was built in 1909 by Horatio Earle, Good Roads, on Woodward Avenue in Detroit!

The Design of Old Cars and Autos
Old cars impacted greatly upon the production of vehicles across the world, it marked a turning point in history as the production of these better developed and more advanced vehicles started. Improvements came around fairly quickly, and by the 1920s some vehicles included car heating, four-wheel braking, electric lighting and octane rating of fuel. The idea for a vehicle with power steering was innovated during the 1920s.

The Manufacturers of Old Cars and Autos
Please see the list of old cars below for more information about the manufacturers of old cars and information, facts and details about specific old cars.

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Old Cars and Autos

Cars and Autos Index

Curved Dash OldsmobileHolsman 1902Rambler 1902
Ford Model-A 1903Cadillac Model-M 1906Ford Model-N 1906
Renault AX-Type 1907Ford Model T 1908Delahaye 1909
A.L.F.A 24 HP 1910Brasier 12-18 1910De Dion-Bouton 14 h.p. 1910
Delaunay-Belleville HB4 1911Panhard X.7 1911Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 1911
Clement-Bayard 12 h.p. 1912Hupmobile 32 1912Chenard-Walcker 1912
Napier 15 h.p. 1912Berliet 25 h.p. 1913Maxwell Messenger 1912
Peugeot 14-20 1913Hudson 37 1913Cadillac 20-30 h.p. 1913
Benz 18-45 PS 1914Locomobile 48 1914A.C. Sociable 1914
Packard 3-38 1915Metz 25 1915Chevrolet 490 1916
Stanley 735 1917Detroit Electric 1917The Essex 1919
Minerva 30CV 1921Darmont-Morgan 1921Austin Seven 1922
Citroen 5CV 1922Pierce-Arrow 1922Hotchkiss AM 1923
Ballot 2LT 1924Lorraine-Dietrich 15CV 1924Flint Car 1925
Renault 40CV 1925Chevrolet Superior Model-K 1925De Dion-Bouton IT 1925
Bentley Speed Six Tourer 1926Lancia Lambda 1926Ford A-Model 1927
Packard Super Eight 1927Fiat 520 1928Stutz BB 1928
Franklin 1928Opel 4 PS 1928Bugatti Type 57C 1939
Mercedes-Benz SSK 1929Bugatti Type 46 1929Daimler 35-120 1930
Renault Vivasix 1930DKW F-1500 1931Hispano-Suiza 54CV 1932
Cadillac V-16 1935Horch 853 1935Rolls-Royce Phantom III 1936


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Old Cars and Autos

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