Mercedes-Benz Cars and Autos

Mercedes-Benz car

Mercedes-Benz Cars and Autos

The Mercedes-Benz motor car company
This section provides access to the cars and autos manufactured under the name of the Mercedes-Benz motor car company. An online guide for auto enthusiasts covering old and new cars and autos. If you like car talk then you will love this website! A free, online resource with facts and company information about the cars and autos made by the Mercedes-Benz motor car company.

Founding of the Mercedes-Benz motor car company
In which year was the company founded? The Mercedes Benz motor car company was founded in 1871. Who founded the company? The Mercedes Benz motor car company was founded by Karl Benz. What was the original location of the company? The company started in Mannheim, Germany.

Facts and Information about Karl Benz
Karl Benz was born in Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany in 1844, despite being poor he was given a good education, at fifteen he went to the University of Karlsruhe to study mechanical engineering. Karl Benz made many inventions and was given a patent on his two stroke engine in 1879. He married Bertha Ringer in 1872 and had five children, he died April 4, 1929, in Laden burg, near Mannheim Germany.

Lifespan: 1844-1929
Date of Birth: 25th November 1844.
Date of Death: 4th April 1929.
Married: Bertha Ringer
Family: 5 Children.

History of Mercedes-Benz motor car company
History of Mercedes Benz motor car company began when it was founded in 1871 by Karl Benz in Mannheim, Germany. The following company information and history timeline details the dates of major events which influenced the growth of the business.

History Timeline of Mercedes Benz Cars

1844: Karl Friedrich Benz was born.

1871: In 1871 along with August Ritter they opened a mechanical workshop. (Ritter’s share was later bought out by Bertha Ringer, Karl Benz fiancee).

1872: In 1872 Karl Benz marries Bertha Ringer.

1883: In 1883 Karl Benz bought a bicycle repair shop producing industrial machines known as Benz & Cie.

1885: In 1885 Karl Benz created the Benz Patent Motorwagen. designed to generate its own power.

1886: In 1886 the Motorwagen was patented.

1893: In 1893 Karl Benz built the “Victoria” his first four-wheeler.

1894: In 1984 the first production car was the Benz Velo and was produced on a large scale.

1900: In 1900 Emil Jellinek a businessman takes delivery of the first "Mercedes". The engine was built to the specifications of Emil Jellinek and was named after his daughter Mercedes.

1903: In 1903 Karl Benz retired from design management.

1904: In 1904: Richard, Karl Benz son becomes the designer of passenger vehicles.

1914-1918 WW1.

1926: In 1926 Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG) and Karl Benz & Cie merged to become Daimler-Benz AG. It was agreed all of the factories would use the brand name of Mercedes-Benz on their automobiles.

1927: In 1927 The Mercedes-Benz diesel truck was put into production.

1929: This was the year of the Wall Street crash, which started the Great Depression, and the car business was badly affected. In 1929 Karl Benz died.
1930 - 1939: As the economy recovered from the stock market crash Motor Car companies thrived and less wealthy people began to purchase motor vehicles. In 1930 Mercedes-Benz launched their biggest and most prestigious car to date the 770 Grosser a car for the wealthy of the world, and were mainly used by the government as state vehicles, it was quite an automobile for showing off in a world economy still recovering from the Wall Street Crash.
1939 - 1945: WW11. Production and design of motor cars basically ceased as all manufacturing resources became involved with the war effort.

1951: In 1951 Mercedes-Benz Type 300 was launched and was the company's largest and most prestigious models through the 1950s and had many luxury features.

1955: In 1955 at his home race Sterling Moss won the British Grand Prix in a Mercedes-Benz W196.

1963: In 1963 The Mecedes Benz 600 was introduced, a large luxury automobile it was intended to be driven by a chauffeur, not the owner, many famous owners of the 600 included Rowan Atkinson, Elvis Presley John Lennon Hugh Hefner, Elizabeth Taylor & former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos who had four.

1970 In 1970 Janis Joplin (an American singer) released a song called "Mercedes Benz" the song has been used in commercials for their Mercedes Benz cars.

1976: In 1976 The Mercedes-Benz W123 was produced and become the most successful Mercedes.

1982: In 1982 Mercedes-Benz W201 was produced and dubbed the Baby Benz and was the most affordable model in the marque's lineup.

1994: In 1994 Smart cars became part of the Mercedes-Benz Group

1998: In 1998 Daimler-Benz AG merged wth the Chryler Corporation of the U.S. to form Daimler Chrysler AG.

2003: In 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was produced a joint venture between Mercedes Benz and McLaren Automotive (Mercedes-Benz owns 40% of the McLaren Group) it was built in England and was based on the W196 F1 car of 1955.

2007: In 2007 during a visit to Brazil Pope Benedict XVI traveled in a Mercedes Benz known as the popemobile.

2008: In 2008 Mercedes announced they would cease production of the SLR


What models and types of cars and automobiles does the Mercedes-Benz motor car company produce?
The models and types of cars and automobiles produced by the company include those detailed on the following list. Whether you enjoy comparing cars and autos, want to conduct some research before you buy a new car or a used car or finally an automobile enthusiast who loves fast, cool, new, old, vintage, classic, antique, sports, top, muscle or exotic cars we have the info you are searching for! Select the automobile you are interested in and click the link for access to an online overview of this Mercedes-Benz vehicle with car guides, online facts, information, statistics, specs, specifications, design details and ratings of cars and autos.

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Mercedes-Benz Cars and Autos

Cars and Autos Index

Benz Patent Motorwagen 1886
Benz Velo 1894
Mercedes 35 hp 1901
Mercedes Simplex 1902
GP Mercedes 1908
Blitzen Benz 1909
Mercedes Grand Prix Racing Car 1914
Benz 10/30hp 1921
K (Kurz-short) 1926
S 1927
SSK 1928
SS 1928
10/50hp "Stuttgart" 1929
370S 1930's
170 Saloon 1931-1932
130 Saloon 1933
150 1934
170V 1935-1950
770 (Grosser) 1930-1943 in two series:
W07 1930-1938
W150 1938-1943
500K 1935-1936
260D 1936-1940
320 Saloon 1937
W125 1937
230 1938
W163 GP 1939
180 1957-1962
190 1959-1963
W196 GP 1954
220 1954
300S mid 50's
300SL 1954-1963 in two series:
Gullwing Coupe 1954-1957
Roadster 1958-1963
190SL 1955-1963
190c 1962-1965
230 1965-1966
200 1966-1968
200D 1966-1967
230 1968-1972
250 1968-1972
280 1972-1976
280C 1973-1976
300D 1975-1976
G-Class 1979-

SL-Class 1957-
W113 1963-1971
R107 1972-1989
190 1982-1993
300D 1977-1985
300CD 1978-1985
300SD 1981-1985
300SDL 1986-1987
300TD 1978-1985
350SDL 1990-1991
500SE 1984-1991
500SEC 1984-1991
500SEL 1984-1991
A-Class 1997-
C-Class 1993-
CLK-Class 1998-
E-Class 1995-
SL-Class 1989-2001
Vaneo 1997-2004
Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2005-
Mercedes-Benz C-Class
W203 2000-2007
W204 2007-
Mercedes-Benz CL-Class
W215 2000-2006
W216 2007-
Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class 2000-
Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class 2004-
Mercedes-Benz E-Class
W210 1995-2002
W211 2003-
Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2000-
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
X164 2007-
Mercedes-Benz M-Class
W163 1998-2005
W164 2006-
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
W220 1999-2005
W221 2006-
Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class
R170 1998-2004
R171 2005-
Mercedes-Benz SL-Class 2001-
Mercedes-Benz SLR-McLaren 2003-
722 Edition 2006


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Why people love cars and autos!
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Mercedes-Benz Cars and Autos

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