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This online guide for the Kia Rondo is designed to be of interest to car enthusiasts and contains facts, history, information, statistics, specs, specifications, design details and ratings.  A free, online resource with interesting info about the popular Kia Rondo made by the famous motor car company. Where Can I research or buy a new car or old car? Use the information as a comparison guide to help you make a considered decision when buying a new or used car. Check prices online to estimate a fair price for the year and model of the car. Facts, specs and information make car shopping a pleasure.

Kia Rondo Class and Seating Capacity
The class of the Kia Rondo is described as a compact MPV car with a seating capacity for up to five people (7 seater optional). This particular model is also known as the Kia Carens.  in South Korea where the vehicle is assembled. This car has many features including electronic stability control, ABS, electric windows, central locking, air con, auxiliary jack for iPod, Sirius Satellite Radio, alloy wheels, child locks on doors, tilt steering column and cup holders. There are more special features available as optional including leather interior, heated front seats, keyless entry, moonroof and cruise control.

Kia Rondo Car Facts, Description, Design & General Information
The Kia Rondo has been on sale since 1999 and is still being produced at present with Kia just about to launch the fourth generation of this vehicle. A concept version was produced known as the Multi S. The letter S stands for sporty, spacious and smart.

Kia Rondo Third (Rondo7) Generation Measurements
The measurements of the Kia Rondo are as follows:

  • Length: 4,545mm

  • Width: 1,820mm

  • Height: 1,650mm

  • Wheelbase: 2,700mm

Kia Rondo Third Generation Specifications
The specifications (specs) are:

  • Engine:
    2.0 L G4KA I4
    2.0 L D4EA CRDi I4
    2.4 L G4KC I4
    2.7 L G6EA V6

  • Power: 2.4 Litre engine: 164.3 PS / 162 bhp / 120.8 kW @ 5800 rpm

  • Torque: 2.4 Litre engine: 222 Nm / 164 / 22.6 kgm @ 4250 rpm

  • Curb Weight: 1,512kg

Kia Rondo Third Generation Features and Body Styles
Facts about the features and body styles of the Kia Rondo are as follows:

  • Drive / Layout: FF layout

  • Transmission(s):
    5-speed manual
    4-speed automatic
    5-speed automatic
    6-speed manual

  • Power Steering: Yes

  • Security System: Yes

  • Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System: Yes

  • Alloy Wheels: Yes

Kia Rondo Third Generation Internal Features
The facts about the internal features of the Kia Rondo are as follows:

  • Air Conditioning: Yes

  • Central Locking: Yes

  • Electric Windows: Yes

  • Sunroof: Yes / No  - Electric: Yes

  • Airbags: Yes

  • Power Mirrors: Yes

  • Rear Window Defroster: Yes

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