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Ford Cars and Autos

The Ford motor car company
This section provides access to the cars and autos manufactured under the name of the Ford motor car company. An online guide for auto enthusiasts covering old and new cars and autos. If you like car talk then you will love this website! A free, online resource with facts and company information about the cars and autos made by the Ford motor car company.

What is mission statement of Ford?
The mission statement or vision of Ford is:

"We are a global family with a proud heritage passionately committed to
providing personal mobility for people around the world."

The Ford Motor Company is famous for the instigation of mass production assembly lines. The cars they manufactured include Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda and Volvo.

Founding of the Ford motor car company
The Ford company was founded in 1903 in a converted factory by Henry Ford. The Ford Motor Car Company is one of the largest American car manufacturers. Henry Ford had previously started a company named 'Henry Ford Company' in 1901. He left the company the following year and the name was changed to Cadillac Motor Company. Henry maintained the rights to his name, and so the Ford Motor Car Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford when he was 40 years of age.

History of Ford motor car company
The Ford Motor company became a success very quickly and made a huge impact on the car industry. The company is now a multi-national success, being one of the largest car manufacturers in both Europe and the United States of America. In actual fact, the Ford Motor Car Company became a market leader within just 10 years! This highly successful and profitable car manufacturer has remained a family controlled company and has managed to overcome very tough economical times - recession and financial depressions. A decline in profits saw some very strategical moves made by the Chairman of Ford - Bill Ford, and the President of Ford America Division - Mark Fields in 2005-2006. Shortly after this period, they introduced their new strategy known as 'The Way Forward' which included plans to reduce production lines, jobs and factories in order to maintain financial stability. The Car Producers have since faced further financial problems, however, they have been able to ride through these difficult times.

What Type of Vehicles do the Ford Motor Car Company Produce?
The Ford Motor Car Company has suitably moved with the times, upgrading their vehicles, keeping up to date with technology and successfully appealing to a variety of buyers. Ford has been involved in the production many different types of vehicles over the years including cars, vans, tractors, trucks and buses. Ford make cars of all sizes and specs which appeal to all  including small, fuel efficient cars and larger family cars. The Ford Car Motor Company have created and produced many types of  cars throughout history including touring cars, supercars, luxury cars, hybrid cars (Ford providing the first hybrid electric vehicle), racing cars (many Ford engines being used in Formula One over the years, and Le Mans), rally cars, and fast sports cars. This hugely successful car manufacturing company is located in Michigan, American and has plants all  over the world.

The First Vehicle Produced by Henry Ford
The first vehicle produced by Henry Ford was the Ford Quadricycle! This was simple design created with the use of four bicycle wheels, a frame and an engine powered by ethanol. This vehicle was hand built and was otherwise known by the name 'Horseless Carriage'. The Quadricycle was produced towards the end of the 1800s, beginning of the 1900s by Henry Ford. The main interest came from the rich, those whom were wealthy enough to afford to buy one! The Quadricycle had two gears only, it didn't have reverse gear and it ran on a chain. This invention would be the beginning of Henry Ford's success in the car industry resulting in him becoming one of the most richest men!

The Ford Motor Car Company Produce Fuel Efficient Motors and Support Fuel Efficiency
 - Ford produces Flexible Fuel Vehicles which are created to use ethanol fuel mixtures, some of the most popular Ford cars such as the Galaxy, Taurus, Mondeo and Focus have been designed with the Flexible Fuel system in place. This recent idea could take time to become well established simply because of the lack of stations providing this particular type of fuel. The Ford Motor Car Company is very supportive of designing fuel efficient vehicles. They are currently taking an avid interest in electric vehicles which can be charged from docking stations at home, which will cut out the need for fuel! Although, the electric car may not be popular at the moment, it is believed that its popularity will increase and become a future demand.

What models and types of cars and automobiles does the Ford motor car company produce?
The models and types of cars and automobiles produced by the company include those detailed on the following list. Whether you enjoy comparing cars and autos, want to conduct some research before you buy a new car or a used car or finally an automobile enthusiast who loves fast, cool, new, old, vintage, classic, antique, sports, top, muscle or exotic cars we have the info you are searching for! Select the automobile you are interested in and click the link for access to an online overview of this Ford vehicle with car guides, online facts, information, statistics, specs, specifications, design details and ratings of cars and autos.

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Ford Cars and Autos

Cars and Autos Index

Ford Model N (1906 - 1908)Ford Model T (1908 - 1927)Ford Model A (1928 - 1931)
32 Ford (1932)Ford Model Y (1932 - 1937)Ford 7Y (1937 - 1939)
Ford V8 (1932 - 1939)Ford Model C Ten (1935 - 1937)Ford 7W (1937-1938)
Ford Anglia E04A (1949 - 1953)Ford Anglia E494A (1949-1953)Ford Anglia 100E (1953 - 1959)
Ford Anglia 105E (1959 - 1968)Ford Prefect E93A (1938 - 1949)Ford Prefect E493A (1938 - 1949)
Ford Prefect 100E (1938 - 1949)Ford Prefect 107E (1938 - 1949)Ford Pilot (1947 - 1951)
Ford Consul Mk1 (1951 - 1956)Ford Consul MkII (1956 - 1962)Ford Popular 103E (1953 - 1959)
Ford Popular 100E (1959 - 1962)Ford Zephyr (1951 - 1972)Ford Zodiac (1954 - 1972)
Ford Squire (1955 - 1959)Ford Thunderbird (1955-1957)Ford Consul Classic (1961 - 1963)
Ford Capri (1961 - 1964)Ford Cortina (1962 - 1982)Ford Corsair (1963 - 1970)
Ford Mustang (1964-1969)Ford GT40 (1966 - 1968)Ford Escort (1968 - 2000)
Ford Capri (1969 - 1986)Ford Granada (1972 - 1994)Ford Sierra (1982 - 1993)
 Ford Fiesta (1976 - 2002) 


Ford Car Insurance and Car rentals
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Enhance your driving experience with Ford Car Accessories
Enhance your Ford driving experience by buying car accessories. You can buy cheap and discount Car Accessories by searching online and comparing the best and cheapest prices. Car Accessories you can buy online include items such as a car stereo, speakers, amplifiers, GPS system, seat covers, infant car seat, DVD and audio systems. Compare the prices to ensure you get the cheapest deals.

Why people love cars and autos!
Just click any of the above models and titles from Ford to find out exactly why people love cars! The company is passionate about their design features, safety features, performance, transmissions, concepts for the future and fuel efficiency which is why the company is so successful.


Ford Cars and Autos

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