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Electric Cars and Autos

Electric Cars and Autos
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What are Electric Cars and Autos

Electric Cars can be defined as vehicles that are powered by more than one source. HEV is an abbreviated term for hybrid electric vehicle - this type of vehicle has one or more electric motors combined with an internal combustion engine, therefore, it is using two or more power sources in order to move the vehicle. Electric vehicles do not only include cars, in fact many different types are electric powered including trains, two wheeled vehicles such as electric bicycles, scooters and mopeds, military off road vehicles and ships.

Power Sources for Hybrid Electric Cars and Autos

There are different sources of power that can be used to run hybrid electric vehicles which may include electricity, coal or wood combustibles, RESS which stands for rechargeable energy storage system, compressed air, radio waves, compressed or liquefied natural gas, pedalling, rowing, hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, fuel including petrol or diesel, solar power, wind power, waste heat from an internal combustion engine. Petrol prices have slowly crept up over the years and this has influenced car manufacturers to produce hybrid electric vehicles as a way of keeping costs down and producing less emissions. There has been a higher demand to produce fuel efficient vehicles.

The First Electric Cars and Autos Produced in the World

The history of the hybrid electric vehicle is very interesting. The first gasoline electric hybrid car produced in the world was by Ferdinand Porsche who produced the Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid in 1901. It wasn't until the 1990s that car manufacturers really began the production of hybrids. Toyota launched the Toyota Prius in 1997 in Japan, and Honda launched the Honda Insight in 1999. Towards the late 2000s, car producers became very interested in the hybrid market as the cost of fuel rose significantly. It is thought that hybrid cars and autos will become a future need. The production of hybrids has been opened and lead by Toyota Motor Company, Honda Motor Co. Ltd and the Ford Motor Corporation - with the majority of hybrid electric cars and autos being sold throughout the United States of America.

Plug in Hybrid Electric Cars and Autos

The PHEV is an abbreviated name for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. This is a vehicle with rechargeable batteries which is plugged in to be recharged. These vehicles have an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. They have a plug to connect it to an electrical grid. The combustion engine provides a backup if the batteries are depleted. Some of these fuel efficient vehicles have already been produced including the F3DM PHEV-62 by BYD Auto which was lauched in 2008 and the Chevrolet Volt by General Motors.


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Electric Cars and Autos

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