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The Austin motor car company
This section provides access to the cars and autos manufactured under the name of the Austin motor car company. An online guide for auto enthusiasts covering old and new cars and autos. If you like car talk then you will love this website! A free, online resource with facts and company information about the cars and autos made by the Austin motor car company.

Founding of the Austin motor car company
In which year was the company founded? The Austin motor car company was founded in 1905. Who founded the company? The Austin motor car company was founded by Herbert Austin What was the original location of the company? The company started in Longbridge, Birmingham.

History of Austin motor car company
History of Austin motor car company began when it was founded in 1905 by Herbert Austin in Longbridge, Birmingham.
Facts and Information about Herbert Austin.
Lifespan: 1866–1941.
Date of Birth: 8th November 1866.
Date of Death: 23rd May 1941.
Married: In 1887 married Helen Dron.
Family: Two daughters and one son.
Background of Herbert Austin:
Herbert Austin was born 8th November 1866 in Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England, and was educated Rotherham Grammar School. In 1884 he emigrated to Australia he married his wife Helen on the 26th December 1887 and worked for the Wolseley Sheep Shearing Machine Company, he came home to England in 1893. In 1905 he formed the Austin Motor Company. Herbert and Helen had three children two daughter’s Irene and Zita Elaine and one son Vernon, who was killed in 1915 serving in World War I. Herbert Austin died on the 23rd May 1941 at Lickey Grange, Bromsgrove.

History Timeline of Austin Cars

  • 1905: In 1905 Herbert Austin formed the Austin Motor Company at a former print works at Longbridge, Birmingham.

  • 1908: In 1908 the company produced 17 different models.

  • 1914 – 1918 WW1 the Austin factory turned out ammunitions 22,000 workers were employed.

  • 1921: In 1921 the company faced bankruptcy.

  • 1922: In 1922 the Austin Seven was launched and become one of the most popular cars ever produced by them, the seven, a small car that was inexpensive and met with family needs, in the first year of production two thousand cars were made and orders came from all over the world.

  • 1926: In 1926 the company grew and were producing 25.000 cars.

  • 1929: This was the year of the Wall Street crash, which started the Great Depression, and the car business was badly affected.

  • 1930 - 1939: As the economy recovered from the stock market crash Motor Car companies thrived and less wealthy people began to purchase motor vehicles. Herbert Austin was given the title of Lord Austin of Longbridge after the name of the plant he had created.

  • 1939 - 1945: WW11. Production and design of motor cars basically ceased as all manufacturing resources became involved with the war effort. Austin during the war made trucks and aircraft including the construction of the Lancaster bombers of 617 squadron, better known as the Dambusters. Lord Austin died in 1941 aged 74. Production of cars restarted in 1945.

  • 1946: In 1946 The Millionth Austin is produced.

  • 1951: In 1951 the A30 was produced and was unveiled at the Earls Court Motor Show in London and was being compared to the pre-war Austin Seven and was an instant hit with the public.

  • 1952: In 1952: Austin merged with the Nuffield Organisation (Nuffield was an automobile manufacturing company) who along with Morris, MG, Healey and Wolseley and was to become The British Motor Corporation (BMC). A new marque was announced the “Austin Healey” a beautiful two-seater sports car.

  • 1959: In 1959 the Mini is launched and became a design icon.

  • 1968: In 1968 BMC was taken over by British Leyland (BLMC), which included Standard, Triumph and Rover.

  • 1973: In 1973 was the year of the Austin Allegro manufactured by British Leyland (who were going through a difficult time), and sold under the Austin name it was a strong seller but was criticised on it’s reliability and rust - proneness.

  • 1980: In 1980 the company was having financial problems the “Austin Metro” was launched and was British Leyland's saviour.

  • 1982: In 1982 British Leyland was rebranded Austin Rover Group.

  • 1986: In 1986 Austin Rover's holding company BL plc became the Rover Group plc and was privatised by selling it to British Aerospace.

  • 1987: In 1987 Austin Rover became the Rover Group and the Austin badge was discontinued.

  • 2005: In 2005 Herbert Austin joins the Automotive Hall of Fame in this Centenary Year for his role in the design and production of the Austin 7. In the 2005 film Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. A model of the Austin A35 van is driven by Wallace.

What models and types of cars and automobiles does the Austin motor car company produce?
The models and types of cars and automobiles produced by the company include those detailed on the following list. Whether you enjoy comparing cars and autos, want to conduct some research before you buy a new car or a used car or finally an automobile enthusiast who loves fast, cool, new, old, vintage, classic, antique, sports, top, muscle or exotic cars we have the info you are searching for! Select the automobile you are interested in and click the link for access to an online overview of this Austin vehicle with car guides, online facts, information, statistics, specs, specifications, design details and ratings of cars and autos.

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Austin Cars and Autos

Cars and Autos Index

Austin 15/20
Austin 25/30
Austin 18/24
Austin 40
Austin 60
Austin 15
Austin 10
Austin 50
Austin 18/24
Austin 10 & 12/14
Austin 15/20
Austin 30
Austin 16HP
A120 Princess
A40 Devon/Dorset
A110/A125 Sheerline
A135 Princess
A90 Atlantic
A70 Hampshire
A90 Atlantic
A70 Hereford
A40 Sports
1952 onwards
A40 Somerset
Nash/Austin Metropolitan
A40/A50/A55 Cambridge
A90 Six Westminster
Austin 7
Austin-Healey Sprite
Princess IV
A105 Vanden Plas
A40 Farina Mk I
A55 Cambridge
A99 Westminster
Austin Gypsy
Austin Seven (Mini)
A40 Farina Mk II
A110 Westminster
A60 Cambridge
Austin 1100
Austin 1800
British Leyland/BL (Austin Morris, Leyland Cars, Austin Morris (reformed))
Austin 1300
Austin Allegro
Austin Maxi
Austin 1800/2200
BL/Rover Group (Austin Rover)
Austin Ambassador
Montego tin 20/4


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Why people love cars and autos!
Just click any of the above models and titles from Austin to find out exactly why people love cars! The company is passionate about their design features, safety features, performance, transmissions, concepts for the future and fuel efficiency which is why the company is so successful.


Austin Cars and Autos

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