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This online guide for the AC ME3000 is designed to be of interest to car enthusiasts and contains facts, history, information, statistics, specs, specifications, design details and ratings.  A free, online resource with interesting info about the popular AC ME3000 made by the famous motor car company. Where Can I research or buy a new car or old car? Use the information as a comparison guide to help you make a considered decision when buying a new or used car. Check prices online to estimate a fair price for the year and model of the car. Facts, specs and information make car shopping a pleasure.

AC ME3000 Car Facts, Description, Design & General Information
1973: The AC ME3000 launched, A British built and designed sports car, featured at the London Motor show. The AC ME3000 featured a steel chassis using square section steel tubing with a strong monocoque for the central part of the body, the frame would support a glass fibre body. The ME3000 featured a 3litre Ford Essex V6 engine, transversely installed to a bespoke AC designed gearbox.
1976: Development of the AC ME3000 was almost complete when a new type of approval regulations were introduced. A crash test at 30mph was failed by the AC ME3000 resulting in a chassis redesign, the second attempt, the AC ME3000 past with flying colours. For a small firm this was a huge achievement with the likes of Vauxhall taking several attempts before their Chevette passed.
1979: With all the delays the AC ME3000 was now in production and now available. By this time they were in competition with the Lotus Esprit.
1984: Only 71 cars were sold when Hurlock called a halt to production, due to his health along with the company struggling through a recession.    

AC ME3000 Measurements:

  • Wheelbase: 2300mm

  • Track Front: 1397mm

  • Track Rear: 1422mm

  • Length: 3990mm

  • Width:  1651mm

  • Height: 1143mm

  • Ground clearance: 133mm

  • Curb Weight: 1128kg

  • Fuel capacity: 63.6 litres

  • Fuel Type: Petrol

AC ME3000 Specifications:

  • Bore x stroke: 93.66mm  x  72.42mm

  • Cylinders: 6 cylinders, 60 V

  • Displacement: 3 litres or 2994 cc

  • Car Type: 2 seater Fixed head coupe

  • Number of doors: 2

  • Engine type: Overhead valves, 2 valves per cylinder, 12 valves in total

  • Construction:  cast iron block and head

  • Sump: Wet sump

  • Compression ratio: 8.90:1

  • Fuel system: 1 Weber 38/38 EGAS carburettor

  • Maximum power: 138bhp

  • Specific output: 46.1 bhp/litre

  • Maximum torque: 260 Nm

  • bmep: 1091.3 kPa

  • Specific torque: 86.84 Nm/litre

  • Maximum rpm: 5500 rpm

  • Manufacturer: Ford

  • Main Bearings: 4

  • Coolant: Water

  • Bore/stroke ratio: 1.29

  • Unitary capacity: 499cc/cylinder

  • Aspiration: Normal

AC ME3000 Performance:

  • 0-50mph: 8.50 seconds

  • Standing quarter mile: 16.30 seconds

  • Top Speed: 120mph

  • Power to weight: 122.34 bhp/ton

AC ME3000 Features and Body Styles:

  • Engine location: Mid

  • Engine alignment: Transverse

  • Drive: Rear wheel drive

  • Steering: rack and pinion

  • Turns lock to lock: 3.000

  • Turning circle: 9.40m

  • Suspension Front: Independent, Wishbone, coil springs

  • Suspension Rear: Independent, Wishbone, coil springs

  • Wheels Front: 7.0  x  14

  • Wheels Rear: 7.0  x  14

  • Tyres Front: 205/60 VR 14

  • Tyres Rear: 205/60 VR 14

  • Brakes Front: Discs

  • Brakes Rear: Discs

  • Transmission: 5 gear manual

  • Power Steering: No

  • Rear Window Defroster: No

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